I'm Dinara and this is my book blog. I live in the mythical kingdom called Sweden, where I study dentistry, run this blog and find new and exciting ways to make life way more complicated than it really is.

As you've already guessed, this blog is dedicated to books and book reviews. Science fiction is the love of my life, especially old science fiction. You know, rocket ships, space pyjamas and stuff like that. Which is why you'll find SF to be the predominant genre here. You'll also find fantasy, classics, science and historical non-fiction. I'm a bit of an omnivore: my reading diet consists of pretty much every genre, except for romance and erotica fiction (that's what fanfiction is there for).

Sometimes I also write movie and TV reviews. Most of them are sci fi. Actually, so far all of them have been sci fi.  

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Because of my full schedule, I don't accept any review requests for the moment.

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