This is the page where you can find my essays, reports and other rants and discussions on things like books, cats and those little things that piss me off.

A Few Changes: My Way of Dealing with Reading Fatigue  - this is where I get personal

"Ancillary Justice" or how I stopped worrying and loved to DNF

Attending a book release in Malmö - where I talk about attending my first book release.

Bookish Beasts: Technology (guest post @ Book Bloggers International) - where I talk about an unconventional literary monster, and Ray Bradbury.

Buffy Will Patrol Tonight: Slayerfest 2017 - where I recount the events of the best party ever.

The Code: a short tale about challenges of blog design - where I rant about my struggles with HTML and CSS

How I Spent My Towel Day - where I share pictures from the re-opening of a science fiction book store

National Cat Day 2015: Black Cats - where I am trying to advocate love and safety for black cats

Ray Bradbury's October People - in this guest post on Book Bloggers International, I discuss one of my favourite short story collections  

The Shining vs. The Shining - my fourth guest post on Book Bloggers International, where I talk about the main differences between Stephen King's novel and its famous movie adaptation

The Joy of Required Reading - because when school work and hobby collide, great things can happen

The Study: Envisioning My Dream Reading Space - in collaboration with Arhaus

Top 5 Times Scully's Science Saved The Day  - where I discuss Dana Scully's skepticism and the role that science plays on the X-files

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