29 October 2015

National Cat Day: Black Cats

Happy National Cat Day!

Today is October 29th, which means it's National Cat Day in USA. It was founded by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige, and it's a day dedicated to celebrating cats and raising awareness about shelter cats.

Also, Halloween is just around the corner, and I want to talk about one particular type of cats who may not like this holiday as much as us humans do. I'm talking about black cats.

In some countries, black cats have the lowest adoption rate at shelters, and they're the first to be euthanized. Why do people pass on black cats? Well, for one, they're still considered to bring bad luck (give me a break), and if that wasn't enough, some say that black cats don't look good on selfies (I'm gonna give you a second to process that...).

Source: Black Cat Appreciation Page

I also read somewhere that some families like to adopt black cats before Halloween just so they can have a cool live Halloween decoration, and come November, they dump them off at the shelters again.

This is the reality for a lot of black cats. But we can make a change just by changing the way we think about black cats. We can also adopt and speak out against this prejudice. And if you already are a lucky owner of a black cat, please, make sure they stay indoors on Halloween. That's the only way you can guarantee the safety of your furball during these "superstitious times".

You can also check out these awesome cat bloggers who are all happy owners of black cats. I'm sure you've heard of at least one of them. Their videos are all over Youtube:

The ShoKo Show - A cat blog

Cole and Marmalade

Theo and Thea

And make sure to visit the Black Cats Appreciation Page on Facebook. That's where I got the Pictures for this post.

Happy Halloween!
Adopt, don't shop.

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