23 October 2015

Recaps and updates: Friday

I was going to write my second "Thank Spock it's Friday" segment today, but something has happened, which made me change my plans.

As you may know, I live in Sweden. There is a town in Sweden, called Trollhaettan. In this town there's a school, called Kronan. Yesterday, that school was attacked by a masked man with a sword. He killed a teacher and a student, wounded three more people, before the police could arrive and shoot him. After doing the research on the killer, and taking into consideration that all of his victims were immigrants, the police has now confirmed that this was a hate crime. A racist crime.

I'd rather not to give my two cents on the news. My blog is not political, it's about entertainment. But I cannot be quiet about it either. Four years ago there was a massacre in Norway, and we were all shocked because a thing like this could never happen in a small and peaceful country like Norway. But the murderer was driven by racist motives, just like the young man in Trollhaettan. I cannot help but wonder what kind of a future we're building for ourselves and our children. Is it a future full of fear and hate?

My heart goes out for the victims and his families. But I also worry about what is going on in our country. This is our home, and we cannot be afraid in our own home.


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