27 October 2015

Ten Spookiest X-Files Episodes

Halloween is approaching! This year, instead of going out, I'm most likely going to watch something scary on DVD. If you have the same plans, then I have a list for you. Last year I counted down ten of the spookiest (in my opinion) episodes of my favourite TV-show, The X-files. This year, I'm updating the list with a few new picks and I'm going to include promos instead of screen shots because, it's more fun (and professional).
Just a little clarification: I did NOT include Home, which is considered to be the scariest TV-episode of all times. Why not? Well, because I haven't actually seen it yet. I know I have to, because there will be a sequel in the upcoming revival, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there...

10. Humbug
s2, e20
Kicking off at number ten is the show's first comedy. A scary comedy. A freak circus is under attack by a mysterious killer. Freaks, monsters, mirror mazes and a cricket-eating Scully. What else do you need?

9. Our Town
s2, e24
This episode will get under your skin and have you question your faith in humanity. When a small town man goes missing, Scully and Mulder must try and find him. What they find is a town full secrets, and a chicken processing factory that may process more than just chicken.

8. The Post-Modern Prometheus
s5, e5

In this black-and-White Halloween special, local women are assaulted and impregnated by a Frankenstein-like monster. But, as we know, even monsters need love. A very memorable episode featuring Cher (actually, her impersonator), John O'Hurley (Elaine's boss from Seinfeld) and Chris Owens as the Great Mutato. Owens was a long-time friend of the show and he would come back to play both the young Cancerman and his son, special agent Spender,


7. Irresistible
s2, e13

This is the one of the few X-files where the bad guy is not an alien or a mutant. Nick Chinlund gives a very convincing performance as a serial killer who mutilates the bodies of his victims in a case that becomes too personal for Scully. 

6. Arcadia
 s6, e15
More creepy communities with dark secrets! In this episode, the agents go undercover as newlyweds in a gated community called Falls of Arcadia, to investigate the disappearance of a married couple. They soon find that the perfect neighbourhood is a little too obsessed with rules and regulations.

5. Bad Blood
s5, e12

The second and only good vampire episode. It's a classic "he said, she said" episode, where Mulder and Scully get to tell their own accounts of a murder investigation gone horribly wrong. Features vampires with fake fangs and a young Luke Wilson. It's also Gillian Anderson's favourite.


4. Chinga
s5, e10

A Chris Carter/Stephen King collaboration? Yes, it happened, and it was awesome. While Mulder is busy tossing pencils in the ceiling, Scully goes on vacation in Maine. It doesn't last long, though as the local police force begs her to investigate a case which involves possible witchcraft and dolls that just want to have fun.


3.  Folie á Deux
s5, e 19

A office worker is convinced that his boss is a monster that turns his employees into zombies. Problem is, he is the only one who can see it. He must be crazy. But if he is, how come Mulder starts seeing it too?

2. Field Trip
s6, e21

Not scary in the classical sense, but after watching this episode you won't go camping for a very long time. A married couple comes home from a field trip, but the next day their skeletons are found in the woods. The episode is full of surrealism and will make your head spin as you're trying to figure out just what the hell is happening.  


1. Roadrunners
s8, e4

My favourite post-Mulder episode. Scully is asked to help with a murder case, in which the victim has been clubbed to death in the middle of a desert. Her investigation leads her to a small town, where people are a more than determined to make her stay a little longer. Will her new partner, agent Doggett make it in time to help her?

What's your pick for the scariest X-file? What are you watching this Halloween? Maybe I'll just watch Home and get it over with...

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