16 November 2015

Musing Mondays (Nov 16)

First of all, I want to express my support to all the victims of terrorist attacks in the world. Stay strong.

Musing Mondays in a weekly feature created by Jenn @ A Daily Rhythm

This week I'm gonna answer my own question:

What is the first book you've read by yourself?

That would be A Bag Full of Apples, by Vladimir Suteev. It's about a hare who has gathered a whole bag of apples and is trying to get home to his family. He meets other forest dwellers on his way home, and they're all hungry. Being a generous young hare, our hero shares his apples with everyone, until the bag is empty.

He comes home, empty-handed and ashamed. What he doesn't know is that all the animals that he has given his apples to, have come to his house with all sorts of treats and the family now has food for weeks.

A Bag Full of Apples is a funny and heartwarming story that teaches children the art of sharing and giving back. What I remember the most are the colourful and humorous illustrations.


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