3 November 2015

Ten Expectations About NaNoWriMo that Die the Moment You Start Writing

An original meme created by the girls of The Broke and the Bookish

1. When NaNo begins, you get instant inspiration that doesn't leave you until November 30th. At no time will you want to drop it all.

2. Everything will go according to you perfect little plan. All the life events will organise themselves to fit in your tight schedule.

3. That means that you WILL NOT get sick with fever, migraines and a soar throat on the first week of NaNo.

4. You will write a text that actually looks like a real book, and not some jumbled messy word puzzles.

5. All the urge to Facebook and watch Youtube videos will go dormant for thirty days.

6. You will come to every write-in with your local NaNo-buddies, and write quietly for three hours straight.

7. Your mind will be a swirling storm of creativity and fresh ideas.

8. When you tell people you're writing a novel, they give you their undivided attention and listen in awe as you explain the metaphysical metaphorical symbolism behind your first paragraph.

9. Your software does not give you the middle finger in the middle of the chapter.

10. As you write every night under the soft light of the lamp with a cup of hot tea and ambient music playing in the background, you actually feel like an author.

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