7 November 2015

Weekly recaps

The first week of NaNo is coming to an end and I have outdone myself with over 13,000 words. Hurray for productivity! But I'm beginning to worry that this creative high I've been on is winding down. I've got the backstory for my characters covered. I've got a plan for what they're going to do. I've got the world they live in. What else is there to do but to sit your ass down and write?  Good question. The point is, with this particular project, I've come to a complete stop.

I haven't forgotten my blog, and I haven't forgotten you. Lame excuses are lame, but this entire week I have been sick with fever and a bad cough, and all the spare energy I had, I spent on NaNo. The rest of the time I spent binge-watching Gotham on Netflix.

I do have plans for next week, though. There'll be the usual features - Musing Monday and Top Ten Tuesday. Plus, I'm going to list all the books I'm going to R&R next. It's a pretty long list :)


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