31 January 2016

Looking forward to February

Welcome to Reading on a Sunday Afternoon, a weekly feature that is all about books you're currently reading and/or the ones you're going to read next. Why the weird title? I was inspired by an old Queen song, "Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon".

It's almost February, and I have some books on my TBR that are just waiting to be read next month. Plus there's a few new releases that I want to look into, so there's a good chance I will collapse on the floor in the pile of books and curl up in a crying ball at some point next month. Or any other month. There is no endgame when it come to reading and reviewing. You just read and review.

Anyway, once I'm done with Orange is the New Black, I will be reading A Dance with Dragons. Not a George R.R. Martin epic, but a fantasy/young adult series by Kaitlyn Davis. I have no idea what this book is about. I just wanted to read something new.

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