30 January 2016

Monthly Recaps: January

Allow me to start off by apologising for missing this week's Thursday Quotables. Sorry. I have been busy with other projects and my mind has been in some distant Place and I just forgot about it.

And now let's round up this month, shall we?

2016 has had a great start with well-written and entertaining books.

Creepypasta, by Jack Werner (5 stars)

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), by Felicia Day (5 stars)

Soul Breaker, by Clara Coulson (4 stars)

I also interviewed the author of Creepypasta - you can read the interview right here.

But the highlight of this month is without a doubt, the birthday presents I received from my family. Behold, the whole Foundation series in all its Asimov-ish glory!

I already had the first book in the original series, and its two sequels. Now thanks to my awesome family I have the remaining OT books plus the two prequels. Just look how beautifully they all line up. It's like a parade of sci fi awesomeness. 

All I have to do now is find time to read all these books again and review them.

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