17 January 2016

Reading on a Sunday Afternoon

Welcome to Reading on a Sunday Afternoon, a weekly feature where you can tell us about you're currently reading. Why the weird title? I was inspired by an old Queen song, "Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon".

What are you reading this week? What will you be reading next week? Leave your answer in the comment section, or bring this little feature to your blog. Just don't forget to link back to me.

This week's Sunday Afternoon, I feel is a little redundant, because I'm still reading the two books I wrote about earlier this week. I'm almost through with Soul Breaker. That's going very fast. Not because I'm a particularly efficient reader, but because it's nearly impossible to put the book down.

Orange is the New Black is a different story, though. I've been dragging it for too long and now I don't even want to read it. What to do, what to do...

DNF or not DNF? That is the question.

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