22 January 2016

Top Six Best X-Files Moments (with Dijar Tengri)

I have a guest writer with me today! Please welcome my brother, Dijar Tengri, who has joined me so we can list six of our most beloved moments of the X-files in the anticipation of the Grand Revival. We grew up watching the X-files together, and I can't imagine our childhood without that spooky music playing in the background. So, of course, we're going to do this list together.  

And if you're wondering why there's only six best moments, and not ten (we humans do love the decimal numeral system), it's purely symbolic. You see, there's six episodes in the revival, so our list is going to have six moments. Of course, there are way more moments and scenes  that deserve to be on the list, and there are some favourites that didn't make the final cut.

1. The Hearing - Redux II
This scene from season 5 opener is probably the most intense moment we've experienced while watching TV. Scully is dying of cancer, Mulder is facing murder allegations. There is so much at stake. Will he try and save his own skin by blaming everything on Skinner?

2. Conversation on a rock - Quagmire
This scene showcases how well-written the dialogues always were. After their boat goes down because of an alligator attack (or is it a prehistoric monster?), Scully and Mulder are sitting on a rock in the lake, discussing their obsessions, and life choices.

3. Scully, are you there? - Colony
This is the cliffhanger in the middle of season 2. We're not going to spoil the surprise in case you haven't seen this episode yet (which you totally should). Suffice it to say this is the cliffhanger that got us hooked on the X-files again years after the final episode. It's been so long, and we didn't remember this moment at all. Total shocker.


4. The first meeting - Pilot
Possibly the best first meeting in a TV-show. This scene has a great dialogue, and it sets the tone for Mulder and Scully's relationship for the rest of the series. The friendly banter, the "Believer vs. Skeptic", the flirting, it all began with this scene.

5. Almost kiss - Small Potatoes

Shippers love this moment, which is kind of ironic because it wasn't Mulder who tried to kiss Scully. It was Eddie Van Blundht, the shape shifter impersonating Mulder. The best moment is when the real Mulder bursts into Scully's apartment, only to find Scully and "himself" in their "almost" moment. Oh, the awkwardness...

6.  Humbug - the whole episode.
 Humbug is the first comedic episode of the series. It was written by Darin Morgan (aka Eddie Van Blundht), who delivered some of the best and funniest episodes. Mulder and Scully investigate a murder in a colony of circus freaks and it's nearly impossible to pick just one best moment in this episode. Here's a sneak peak. Watch it, before Youtube takes the video down for copyright issues.


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