19 January 2016

Top Ten Books I've Recently Added to My TBR

Welcome to another round of Top Ten Tuesday - a weekly feature hosted by the girls of The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you can post a new fun list. Click on the link above if you want to learn more.

Before we get down to business, I just want to say that you can now read my guest post on Book Bloggers International. As a part of their Bookish Beasts theme, I wrote about technology as a monster in literature and film. Ray Bradbury's The Veldt plays a big part in this little essay.

And some technical stuff I need to get out of the way: for some reason, the subscribe box on your right isn't working the way it should. I subscribe to my own blog (yes, I am an ego-maniac), but no fancy e-mails are being delivered to my inbox every time I post something new. So, if you're experiencing the same problem, you can contact me. And while I work on that annoying issue, you can follow my blog with Google Friend Connect. You'll find the link on you right, under that blue Twitter bird.

Okay, enough of that boring technical crap. Let's count down top ten books I have recently added to my ever-growing TBR.

1. Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie

The library near my house is starting a new cool science fiction book club thing. And the first book on the agenda is this space opera.

2. A Dance of Dragons, by Kaitlyn Davis

That's another book I requested on NetGalley. It's a whole series, actually. Don't even know what it's about. I'm jumping in blindly.

3. Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust, by Miron Dolot

Forget The Hunger Games. These hunger games actually happened. Where? In Soviet Ukraine.  

4. Bucky F&%@ng Dent, by David Duchovny

I already mentioned how excited I am about this baseball-related, family story by one of my favourite actors.

5. The Silent Steppe: A Memoir of a Kazakh Nomad Under Stalin, by Mukhamet Shayakhmetov

Another dark and depressing chapter in the history of mankind.

6. Shade Chaser, by Clara Coulson

Part two of The City of Crows series. I just finished part one and the review is on its way.

7. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
Kate Bush brought me here.

8. The Revenant Express, by George Mann
The latest part of Mann's Newbury and Hobbes series, one of my favourite book series of all times.
9. USS Obama 2112, by John H. Sibley

One of my Goodreads friends added this book to their TBR, and I couldn't resist it.

10. Unstoppable, by Bill Nye

Let's science the crap out of the world!

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