26 January 2016

Top Ten Great Things About Turning 30

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Today is not just any other day. Today's my birthday. Today, I'm 30 years old. That's almost one third of a century. Scary, huh? And while there are some downsides to not being a 20-something anymore, being a 30-year-old can also be pretty awesome. So I have come up with a list of ten perks that make 30 a great age. There are more than ten (I think), these are just at the top of my head.
1. While talking to someone in their teens or early twenties, you finally get to start a sentence with "When I was your age..." and "In my days...". Let me illustrate:

"In my days, we couldn't stream movies online. We had to watch them on big bulky cassettes and we had to rewind the tape after each viewing!"

2. Your confidence (or vanity) gets a boost when they ask you for your ID at the liquor store.

3. You got to see movies like Terminator 2, Jurassic Park or Loaded Weapon when they first came out.

4. You grew up in the 90's, the decade that had the best TV-shows...
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5. ... the most fun toys... 
Image source: Buzzfeed

6. ... and Michael Jackson

7. You don't have to give a crap about YA novels. Unless you really want to (go Katniss!).

8. Your relatives who you have never met before  have finally given up on trying to find you a husband because you "passed your expiration date".

9. You're totally okay with having a quiet Friday night at home with your family instead of partying away your weekend.
And last but not least,
10. Despite what you might think, you're actually more mature and experienced than you were when you were 20.
And on that note, let's celebrate with a big delicious birthday cake.

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