2 February 2016

Top Ten Futuristic Worlds I Want to Live in

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If you could live in any fictionalised time period, which one would it be? Would you live ancient Egypt and be witness to the rise and fall of a magnificent empire? Or would you hitchhike across the Galaxy with your alien best friend?

I would choose the future. My ideal futuristic society is a giant world, consisting of a multitude of planets, all connected with hyperspatial traffic. A world with great diversity, where there are planets with monstrous cities and small farmer worlds.

On the other hand, I would love to spend some time on a future Earth where there are no cities, wars or pollution. In this top ten list of futuristic worlds I want to  live in, you'll find both types.

1. The Galaxy.

The Galaxy as envisioned by Douglas Adams would be my dream vacation destination. I could commission my own planet and spend every summer there with my family and friends.

2. Coruscant - Star Wars

The city-world capitol of the Galaxy far far away. Just imagine waking up to this view.

Image source: Wookiepedia

3. Trantor - Foundation series

The "original Coruscant" from Asimovs' Foundation books. A monstrous city-planet with rich and diverse culture. And cool gravitic elevators.  

Image source: Goodreads
4. Earth - City

In Clifford Simak's utopia, people have abandoned their cities and settled for a simpler lifestyle in the country. How great would it be to live out in the wild with animals that have learnt to talk thanks to DNA modification? Pretty great.

Image source: Goodreads

5. Mars - The Martian Chronicles

Ray Bradbury's Mars is a magical place. Who wouldn't want to live in mansion with crystal walls and have fire birds that you get to ride to a party in an ancient city? That is, if the Martians won't pull a jedi mind trick on you and kill you.

Image source: Goodreads

6. 2015 - Back to the Future, Part II

2015 came and went, but some of the most amazing (and practical) inventions of Marty McFly's future have yet to be invented. My favourite joint would the 1980's cafe.

Image source: Wikipedia

7.  Lyz - The City and the Stars

How do I even begin to describe this city set millennia into the future? There are no wars, people live in giant tree houses, and all have mastered telepathy and can communicate with their neighbours miles away.

Image source: Goodreads

8. Rotor - Nemesis

Another product of Asimov's vivid imagination, this space station is a home for a whole city. Native Rotorians enjoy the sweet life while immigrants from Earth are doing all the farming. Oh, and the station orbits around a red dwarf planet.

Image source: Goodreads

9. Orbit City - The Jetsons

Not my favourite show on Cartoon Network, but that house they lived in looked pretty amazing. It's like living in Cloud City only without the Empire knocking on your door.

Image source: The Jetsons wiki

10. (Almost) abandoned Earth - A Choice of Gods
Okay, this is a weird choice, I admit it. However, the Earth envisioned in another Simak classic is inhabited by only a handful of people, who provide for themselves and do not exploit the natural resources. The premise is similar to City, only there are no talking dogs.  

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