15 February 2016

Top Ten Science Fiction Songs and Music Videos

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Now here's a list I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's a countdown of my favourite sci fi- themed songs and music videos through the ages. Enjoy this post now, because at some point I will most likely have to delete these videos because of the copyright stuff :)

1. '39, Queen
What can you expect from a musician who's also an astrophysicist? I'll tell you what: a song about deep space travel, time dilation and coming back to a home where everyone you knew is long dead. This is one of my favourite Brian May songs.


2. Starman, David Bowie

3. Thriller, Michael Jackson
Thriller is one of the first music videos I remember watching as a kid. I was a huge MJ fan even then, and this video was just so much fun.


4. In the Year 2525, Zager and Evans
This is a sci fi novel in song format. This narrative about the future of human kind always takes me back to stories by Asimov, Bradbury and other classics.

5. Radio GaGa, Queen
If you wanted more Queen on this list, you weren't the only one. This Roger Taylor song is about his love for the radio - not very sci fi-ish. It's the video that earns its spot on this list.

6. Life on Mars, David Bowie

More Bowie!


7. Princes of the Universe, Queen

And some more Queen. The epic metal ballad from the Highlander soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie, but the song is just badass. And Freddie is killing it with his vocals.

8. The Final Countdown, Europe
Whenever I hear this song play on the radio, I change the channel. Overexposed. But you gotta admit, the lyrics are pretty awesome and inspiring.


9. Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie 
And even more Bowie!

10. Iron Man, Black Sabbath
Time travel, a guy turned to metal takes his revenge on the people he swore to protect. A cool guitar riff. What's not to love about this song?

What's your pick for a sci fi themed song/video?


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