8 March 2016

Ten Shows I've Binged on Netflix

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This week I'm going to give books a break, and talk about TV. Ever since I got Netflix, I have been binging one show after another. This is not healthy.  
So here are top ten shows that I have been binge-watching on Netflix. You'll notice that a large percentage of the shows are superhero- related. I don't know why, but superheroes are addictive.
1. The Flash
Just finished the first season of this surprisingly intelligent and well-written science fiction series. I liked it even more than Arrow.  
2. Arrow
This show started out so strong, but has become a little cartoonish since about the second half of season three. But I'm still interested in the characters. And Stephen Amell is great in his role.
3. New Girl
Watched the entire fourth season on New year's day. Sometimes I wish I were more like Jess, but strangely, Nick is the one I can relate to the most.

4. Agent Carter
A fun and (most of the time) heart-warming spy show with great ensemble cast. I like the lighter tone, and the jazzy soundtrack. I really hope they bring it back for season three.

5. Supernatural
I only really watch it because of the amazing chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Demons and angels aside, it's just a great story about two brothers. 
6. Gotham
This is a weird show. I don't know how the creators manage to make it dark and brutal and the same time ridiculously cartoonish. Regardless, all the mysteries make it a very addictive watch.  
7. Orange is the New Black
Watched the first season after having read the book, only to realise that it's nothing like the book. The humour and the realistic depiction of life behind bars are just fantastic, but I don't think I will keep on watching it.
8. Sherlock
What I like about this show is that the writers make Sherlock more human than he is in the books. They address his lack of social skills, and the most basic need for human interaction. At some point, he even has a girlfriend.

9. Twin Peaks
Heard so much about this cult classic, that I had to give it a try. Great first season, but once this whole Laura Palmer business was (sort of) settled, and the writers had to come up with new twists, it felt a little forced. I wonder how they're going to start off the revival.

10. Jessica Jones
This show is so dark and violent, it doesn't quite fit in the Marvel Universe. Then again, it's not your typical superhero show. It's a crime drama. A dark and tragic crime drama.

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