1 May 2016

April Wrap-Ups

Sometimes, it seems like the spring months are passing me by like a speeding train. A speeding train loaded with all the books that I was planning to read. And while I'm trying to catch up with said train, I find myself face to face with an inevitable question - do I really need to read all these books? What is the point of crossing off titles on your TBR, if in the process you forget to enjoy the book you're reading right now? What if I stop chasing titles and just read at my own pace and enjoy it? What if two books a month isn't really that bad, and I just let myself get carried away by the TBR's, by the book haul videos and reading challenges? It's time to take a deep breath and think about priorities. Like writing. Yep, I'm trying to get back into writing shape. In fact, this past month I've been doing CampNaNoWriMo, and I wrote almost forty thousand words. That would explain why I only had the time to write two reviews this month:

School of Deaths, by Christopher Mannino


And now I'm looking forward to a new month of reading at my own pace and finally finishing some of my old writing projects. Thank you for stopping by and I will write again soon.

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