3 May 2016

My Top Ten Star Wars Moments

... A long time ago on a book blog far, far way, one Star Wars fan sat down and listed ten of her favourite moments of the space saga, in honour of the upcoming Star Wars day, May the 4th.

Welcome to another round of Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme created by the girls of The Broke and the Bookish. Tomorrow is Star Wars day, and to celebrate it, I'm dedicating this week's top ten list to some of my favourite scenes and moments from all the Star Wars movies that have come out so far.

Before I start the countdown, just a quick reminder that these are my personal choices. If you disagree with my picks, simply post your own list in the comment section.


10. The Millennium Falcon chase
The Force Awakens

Even though I was vastly disappointed by the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga, I have to give credit to the visual effects in the film. They are a nearly perfect blend of practical effects and CGI. And the scene where we get to see the Millennium Falcon fly for the first time since Return of the Jedi is just breathtaking.

9. The Battle on Geonosis
Attack of the Clones

In the original trilogy, the Jedi knights were but a myth, and there were only a handful of people who knew about their existence . One of the things I liked about Attack of the Clones when I first saw it was that I finally got to see how awesome and powerful the Jedi used to be. That scene when they all arrive to the "gladiator" arena and start kicking ass like a well oiled machine is probably the best scene in the movie.

Which makes this next moment even more heartbreaking.

8. Order 66
Revenge of the Sith

Episode III is possibly the most tragic movie of all the Star Wars movies. Tragic in a way that a Greek tragedy is tragic. Everybody dies and everything goes to hell. And there is something especially sad about the whole Jedi culture being wiped out in just a few short hours.

7. I love you. - I know.
The Empire Strikes Back

Thank you, Harrison Ford, for turning what could have been a cheesy scene into one of the most memorable troll moments in movie history.


6. Darth Maul duel
The Phantom Menace

 That scene is cool. Darth Maul is cool. The music is epic.

5. These aren't the droids you're looking for
A New Hope

You don't need to see his identification. We may go about our business. Move along!
Damn, I wish I could do that!

4. Setting up the Original Trilogy
Revenge of the Sith

This is why I like Revenge of the Sith so much. It's the tie-ins with the OT. The little details, like erasing C3PO's memory so that he doesn't remember anything in the original movie. Now there's nothing left to do but to watch the original trilogy again from the start.

3. No, I am your father!
The Empire Strikes Back
It's not the twist itself that makes this moment so amazing. It's that we finally get to see the human side of Vader. Suddenly, he's not just some evil cyborg. He's a man with a past, a man who's in pain. And when he calls Luke through the Force in a last attempt to reach out to his son, you can't help but feel bad for the guy.

Which brings us to my next pick...


2. Luke and Vader reunion
Return of the Jedi

The father and son storyline is arguably the best part in this movie (cuz it's definitely not the ewoks). Everything about that dialogue just before Luke is taken to the Emperor is so well executed. The writing, the directing, the subtlety is Mark Hamill's and James Earl Jones' performances. And even though Vader is still wearing his mask, you can almost see the inner conflict in his head.

1. The Opening credits
Every Star Wars movie

There is something so special about the opening credits of a Star Wars movie. Maybe it's the musical score. Whenever I hear it, it makes me feel like I'm part of something big and everlasting.

Well, these were my picks. What are yours?

Thank you for stopping by and happy Star Wars day :)


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