24 October 2016

Halloween Week 2016: Halloween on My Shelf

I was walking home from school on this beautiful October day, when I saw something in the window of the sci fi book store. It's been recently re-decorated for Halloween, and there was one detail there that I only took notice of today.

Despite the chilly weather, I felt warm inside. As a born-again Buffy-fan, I couldn't just walk by and not immortalise this image on my phone camera.

And since Halloween is just a week from now, I'm kicking off a project dedicated to celebrating ghosts, monsters and other forces of evil that live in our collective imagination. Last year, I reviewed a few horror and fantasy novels in preparation for this scary little holiday, and I also wrote an article about the importance of keeping black cats safe on Halloween.

This year, I decided to dedicate this whole week to Halloween, by writing smaller, lighter posts each day. I will write shorter reviews of some of my favourite horror short stories, and cram this blog space with fun lists. To start us off, I browsed through my book shelf in search for books and short stories that are even remotely horror-related, so that I can share them with you here. Welcome to Halloween Week 2016. 

Day 1: Halloween On My Shelf 

1. Something Wicked This Way Comes

I said it before and I'll say it again: Bradbury is the king of Halloween. This is a classic dark fantasy novel about growing up and the loss of innocence. Click here for review.

2. The October Country

In what may be my favourite Bradbury book ever, we get to follow some pretty dark people who find themselves in horrible and unbelievable situations.  There's a review for it too.

3. The Shining

The.Best.Horror.Novel.Ever. It's perfect. I read it more times than I can remember. This book followed me from late childhood all the way to now, and it grew older with me. I love it so much I wrote a whole essay about why the movie version will never be better than the book. You can read it at Book Bloggers International.

3. Revival

Bought the Swedish edition, but I haven't even opened yet. "Soon, my precious. Soon..." (did I just make it weird?)

4. Complete Ghost Stories

I don't know much about Dickens' ghost fiction. But I will learn. That's what Halloween Week 2016 is for. I'm going to read one or two short stories from this collection and review it/them.  

5. The Master and Margarita

When the Devil and his posse vacation in Communist Moscow, you know there's gonna be trouble.

6. The Invisible Man

A beloved classic that I actually only read once. I don't remember this book being particularly scary. Creepy? Yes. Gloomy and depressing? Definitely.   

7. The Overcoat
by Nikolai Gogol

When it comes to blending supernatural horror with real life tragedies, no one compares to Gogol. His horror stories are all dark, ironic and carry with them a sense of hopelessness and defeatism.

8. Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Not very scary. Not scary at all. But funny, entertaining and beautifully written. Was I disappointed that the book wasn't anything like the Tim Burton movie? Maybe just a little.

9. The Devil's Foot

This was the first Holmes short story that the 12 year old me found genuinely scary. I'm going to read it again for Halloween Week. 

11. X-files, season 10 comics

Speaking of all things X-files, I'm going to do something I should have done years ago and watch "Home". I don't know why I've been so unwilling to watch this infamous episode. It can't be that gory, can it? Anyway, since this is a special event, I will be doing a live Twitter session while watching Home. More on this later.

This concludes our day 1 of Halloween Week 2016. Join me tomorrow for more spooky stuff. 

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