17 January 2017

New Year, Old Me

Last year, I made ten New Year's resolutions, and I wrote about them on this blog. The trick was to keep every resolution as realistic and doable as possible. Did it work? Well, today I want to find out. So last year, I promised that I would...

1. ... not stress myself out with silly unnecessary challenges.

Done! As far as reading challenges are concerned, I have kept my expectations realistic and started off 2016 with a goal of twelve books. I soon updated that goal to forty nine books, because why the hell not? In conclusion, in 2016 I read a total of fifty books, short stories and comic books, not counting all the medical literature. 

2. ... spoil myself with more books.

This was my favourite resolution of all. Last year I bought thirty books and comic books (give or take). I might cut back on my book hauling this year. Might,  

3. ... read more new books.

While I didn't read as many new releases as I was wanted, I did discover a number of interesting authors. And you can find most of them on this list

4. ... listen to more audiobooks.

There were a few. But I'm still getting used to the idea of someone reading the book for me. 

5. ... knit more.

Done that. Got a closet full of finished and half-finished projects. I'm particularly proud of the winter skirts I made for me and my Mom.  

6. ... start writing fanfiction again.

I don't know if I said this before, but for the latest NaNoWriMo I re-wrote my old X-files fanfiction. It's still just the first draft and I'm very excited to start working on it again.  

7. ... finish my never-ending Supernatural marathon.

Yeah, that one didn't work out at all. I got stuck in the middle of season six, and I think that's where I'll stay. To be completely honest, I was only watching this show in an attempt to find a substitute show for the X-files. But since then, Mulder and Scully got together for a tenth season, soothing this X-phile's aching soul. 

8. ... try some new physical activity.

A major fail. I'm going to have to try again this year. 

9. ... try cosplay.

And try it I did, by designing a very amateurish Aquaman costume for our school's "under the sea" costume party. It consisted mostly out of cardboard, gold paper and a trident I got at a toy store. 

10. ... keep blogging and ruling over this little corner of the Internet I call home.

Well, it's been a year and I'm still here. And I think it went pretty well, all things considered. With that in mind, my only resolution for 2017 is to keep doing what I'm doing, and try and be better at it. And thank you for being here with me. 

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