26 February 2017

Weekly Small Talk #2 : Youtube Edition

Welcome to Weekly Small Talk, a new feature that I started because I'm both too swamped and too lazy to come up with fresh and original material. This is where I talk about books movies and other cultural stuff that I've consumed in the past week.

This week I want to talk about Youtube, and some of the channels that make you happy that you have wifi. There are so many Youtube channels dedicated to movie reviews, book reviews, and just pop culture in general, that sometimes you need to seep through a lot of material to find the channel that really speaks to you. Here are some that speak to me in particular, and I want to share them with you.

The Nerdwriter is the most popular channel on this list. I only discovered it a few months ago, but its creator, Evan Puschak has been making videos for years now. What makes The Nerdwriter stand out in the crowd is that Puschak isn't just making videos, he's making video essays. Now, he's far from the only video essayist out there, but what I like about his essays is that they're both smart and educational without being snotty and pretentious.

Another channel that I'm a fan of and that has the word "nerd" in it is Passion of the Nerd. This guy also does video essays and very extensive and analytical reviews, but he's specialising on a cute little TV-show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved Buffy before I found Passion of the Nerd, but it was this channel that properly introduced me to this show and to its themes and philosophy. He also does a few movie reviews (Twilight!), offering the same unique perspective he does in the Buffy reviews.

When I finish writing this post, I will immediately go back to studying. I have been a college girl before, but I never tackled medicine or cellular biology before, and as much as I love what I do, there are times when I just want to crawl into a dark space and weep. Luckily, this is 2017, which means studying is a much more flexible and, dare I say, more interactive process than it was even ten years ago. And part of that is thanks to Youtube, which has a plethora of educational channels. There is one channel that I literally cannot do without, and that is the Khan Acamedy.

Another channel that is very popular among medical and dentist students is run by a fellow student, Armando Hasudungan. 

Well, this about wraps it up for this week. In other news: the annual Swedish book sale is happening right now, and I already brought home some unexpected goodies. But that's a topic for another day.

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