2 February 2018

A Month in Books: January

January is (finally) over, so how about a quick recap of all the bookish stuff I've done this past month? 

Just a couple of days ago I had the pleasure of attending a book release party at the Science Fiction Bookhandeln in Malmö.

Novellix is a Swedish publishing house that specializes on publishing short stories. This is their first venture into science fiction, with four of the biggest names in the genre.

A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury

The New Atlantis by Ursula Le Guin

The Defenders by Philip K. Dick

The Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells

I'm always happy to see science fiction get the love it deserves, and I really dig the choices Novellix made. Coincidentally, A Sound of Thunder is one of my favourite short stories.

You can either buy individual stories, or a whole box set. I bought the box set (of course). 

The book store also had a quiz about all these authors, and I came in third! Now I need to go back there and collect my prize.

Speaking of new books, January brought plenty of them. I got a few great ones for my birthday, and I bought some, too (for my birthday). Also, I just realized that I didn't show you the books I got for Christmas.


Omgiven av Idioter (Surrounded by Idiots) by Thomas Erikson is a pop psychology book that has had a fair share of hype around it, and I got curious.

The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh is a fantastic book that tells how the iconic sitcom has a lot more in common with math and science that you might think. I read it a few years ago, and can't wait to read it again.

Shop Cats of New York by Andrew Martilla and Tamar Arslanian was a Christmas present for my Mom. 

Stephen King's Salem's Lot is a
book I've been wanting to read for a long time now. All I know is that it's about vampires and given how this is a King novel I know there will be an interesting spin on the vamp lore.

Isaac Asimov's The Complete Stories (volumes 1 and 2) was a birthday present from my brother.

My brother and I also bought a whole bunch of vintage Clifford D. Simak books published by Delta Science Fiction.

I also got The Stories of Ray Bradbury for Christmas which is the best gift a Bradbury fan can get.

Finally, I got three X-Files books. The first one is Whirlwind by Charles Grant I borrowed from my neighbour who is a fellow fan. I also got both of the X-Files Origins books. I already read one of them - Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia.

Which brings me to the final part of the recap: the books I read his month.

I have mostly been reading short stories by Ray Bradbury. More specifically, In a Season of Calm Weather which is an homage to Pablo Picasso; The Town Where No One Got Off which is one of Bradbury's darker stories; The Night, which is about growing up and the death of childhood; and finally I read Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed, a Mars story that took my breath away.

Agent of Chaos is Mulder's origin story. I never thought that The X-Files and YA could be a winning combination, but I loved this book. Garcia really nails the tone of the show, and is it weird that I read all of the Smoking Man's lines in William B. Davis' voice?

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