14 February 2018

Valentine's Day Special: Bibliophile's Top Ten

It's Valentine's Day, so I'll hold my thoughts about commercialism to myself, and instead talk about what it is I love about being a bibliophile. Reading is not just a hobby, it's a passion. It's also a lifestyle of sorts, and there are plenty of things to love about this lifestyle. 

1. Books that transcend the reading experience 

Most books that I like provide me with a fun reading experience. They take me on a journey, but then that journey ends. Some books, however, give me something more than just a great reading experience. They stick with me long after I have finished them; the stories linger in my mind like perfume. I don't really know what it is about these books that makes them so special. It could be the dreamy poetic language; it could be the eerie relatability of the characters, the way they act like real people would in their situations; it could also be the scale of the worlds that these characters inhabit, the richness of those worlds. It could be that the authors discuss pretty heavy subjects without getting too preachy.


2. Movie adaptations that get it right

Okay, touchy subject here, so I'm going to be brutally honest. As a book lover first and movie lover second, it is my firm belief that movie adaptations are inferior to their literary predecessors by definition (with very few exceptions) and that movie makers have a duty to make a good adaptation above all. If and when they do make some changes, there has to be a damn good reason, and the changes have to actually improve on the book. Needless to say, that doesn't happen very often. But once in a while, even Hollywood gets it right, and when that happens, I am one happy camper. 

3. My kitten bookmarks

A wonderful way to combine two of my most favourite things in the world 


4. The new book smell

Ask any bibliophile and they will tell you that they have smelled a book on occasion. I like to only smell new books because of some bad experiences I've had with old mouldy books during my days as a librarian. The new book smell is something special, though. The combined smells of paper, glue, and the ink can give you the best associations. It's a smell of new possibilities, and all the wonderful worlds you get to visit (so to speak). 

5. Beautiful book covers, preferably with space ships on them. 

A good book cover will spur my imagination, and make me (more) curious about the book. Not just good covers, but good artwork in general. 

6. #Bookstagram

I discovered a whole new world once I started taking artsy pictures of my books. It's a great way to promote books and reading as well as getting to know new people. It's also a great way to learn new skills, and to learn something about yourself. For instance, it turns out that I like simplicity and minimalism in my pictures. 

7. Rearranging the contents of my bookshelves

This is one of the things that help me relax and get out of my head. I love organising and finding new ways to make all my books fit together. Another leftover trait from my librarian days. 

8. Trying to spot book titles in movies and TV shows. 

FYI, Steve Rogers had a copy of All the President's Men in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

9. Books that are so bad they make you feel better about your own writing

Sounds kind of mean, I know, but there are books that make you wonder how they got published in the first place. The upside is that reading such books helps you fight your own insecurities, and perfectionism.  

10. Getting new books from the library

Something I haven't done in too long a time what with school and all. But there was a time when my brother and I would bring stacks of library books home, and it would be like coming home from a candy store with your hands full of goodies.

These are my top ten things I love about being a bibliophile. What are yours? 

Happy Valentine's Day! And if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, have a great day anyway :)

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