24 March 2018

Blog News: Spring Break and The X-Files Finale

Spring is officially here. Or so I have been told. It's hard to tell with all the snow and the chapped lips. Nevertheless, next week is Easter, which means school is out for a whole week! And boy do I need a break. I just need some time away from the clinic, from my classes, and - shockingly - from my X-Files reviews. 

As you may know, the series finale aired last Wednesday (Thursday here in Sweden), and it was all very emotional for us Philes (a lot of angsty posts on Instagram and tearful thank yous on Twitter).  I've jotted down my initial thoughts about the finale, but the review will have to wait. I've been having so much fun writing these rants for the past ten weeks, but now I feel like I need some time off to clear my head, and to get over the fact that the show is most likely over for good (I need a moment). I still have three episodes left to review, which I am looking forward to greatly.  

Thank you guys for joining me on this spooky journey, and I will see you again soon. Meanwhile. I have some spring cleaning to do!  

PS. You can still take part in the all the fandom angst by following my other account on Instagram, @dr.scullys.files. 

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