11 February 2016

Thursday Quotables (Feb 11)

Welcome to Thursday Quotables, a weekly meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies. Every Thursday you can post a quote from a book that you're currently reading. It can be meaningful, funny, a real tearjerker or just something beautifully written. You decide. Click on the link above if you want to learn more.

Sometimes it's fun to start a new book without knowing anything about the plot or the story behind it. That's what I did with A Dance of Dragons, by Kaitlyn Davis. It's an Epic fantasy series, and the first book is called The Golden Cage.

The heroine is an Ourthuri princess, who is in love with her personal guard. The only problem is that her father - the king - is a ruthless tyrant who likes to maim his servants for fun. There's no way he will let the princess be happy with her true love. She hates him with all her heart. But she loves her little brother - the crown prince. And she can do nothing but watch as the king turns the sweet innocent boy into a tiny copy of himself.
"Nonetheless, Leena saw a difference in him. Like a ghost before her eyes, memories flashed. Her brother at the age of four, of three, of two, of one. A baby with wide eyes, a toddler with an untamable laugh. He used to run wild through the halls. He used to visit her to play. He used to talk to everyone he met (...)
But now he was starting to learn the rules. Nod to the nobles. Do not speak with the servants. Never look down. Show no mercy. All laws of a future king."

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