25 May 2016

How I Spent My Towel Day

Happy Towel Day everybody!
Today was not just about galactic travel guides and their authors, it was about coming to the grand opening of Science Fiction Bokhandeln, which moved to a bigger and better location in Malmö, which also happens to be criminally close to where I live. 
I spent an hour there, and snapped a few pictures too. 
The new storefront and the proud sign in the middle of Malmö's famed shopping street.
I didn't take any selfies, unless you count my reflection in the glass as one.  
The Incredible Hulk says "Buy a book or I'll start smashing, puny god!"
Aren't these beautiful?
They also have the Tardis
I didn't have the guts to step inside (also, I'm pretty sure it's against the rules)
May the force of merchandise be with you!
For the lovers of fantasy
So many X-files...
And because it's Towel Day, you got a ten percent discount on all the books if you came with a towel.  celebrated my Towel Day with a pair of classics. Welcome to the bookshelf, boys!


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