19 May 2016

Thursday Quotables: Flatland

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Edwin A. Abbott's novella Flatland is a social satire, set in a two-dimensional Universe, where being an equilateral object means everything, and where the number of angles in your figure determines your place on the social ladder, with women, being straight lines on the bottom, and the priests, being circles, or polygons with a very large number of angles, at the top.

"When I call them Priests, let me not be understood as meaning no more than the term denotes with you. With us, our Priests, are Administrators of all Business, Art and Science; Directors of Trade, Commerce, Generalship, Architecture, Engineering, Education; Statesmanship, Legislature, Morality, Theology; doing nothing themselves, they are the Causes of everything worth doing, that is done by others."  

So far, this has been the single best line in the whole book.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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