31 August 2016

August Wrap-Up + A BIG Bookhaul

Say goodbye to summer! No love lost there. I honestly don't find anything to love about summer. This season, especially, has been a little slow in regards to being active and doing stuff. Mostly, I found myself binging old shows on Netflix and reading some. It's been hot. Very, very hot. And when the temperature reaches a certain degree, I turn into one of those boa constrictors that just lie motionless for days on end.

Didn't do much blogging either. What I did do this summer was buy a whole lot of books.  

But first, let's take a look at the August reviews:

A Maze of Death by Philip K. Dick

The Last Question, by Isaac Asimov (audiobook)

Suicide Squad (Movie review)

Stranger Things: Season 1 (Netflix review)

... And now to the July-August Bookhaul. I bought a total of ten books, three of them are in Swedish, the rest in English.

A Medicine For Melancholy, by Ray Bradbury

Technically, it's my brother's book. But we share. And we both wanted this short story collection for a long time.

Ink And Bone (The Great Library #1), by Rachel Caine (not featured on the picture)

This was an impulse-buy at a discount price. I don't read enough fantasy, and this book has a premise that's right up my alley: the Great Library of Alexandria was not destroyed as in real life, and has instead monopolised knowledge.

The Lost World, by Michael Crichton

Got this one so that my volume of Jurassic Park wouldn't be lonely anymore. I have yet to read both of them.

Ringworld, by Larry Niven

Don't know anything about this book. It's a leap of faith. A faith in positive reviews. 

The Shining, by Stephen King

I finally have one in English...

The Shining

... and one in Swedish

Skräckens Dal, by Arthur Conan Doyle (The Valley Of Fear)

You can never go wrong with a little Sherlock Holmes.

Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson

An old classic I've been meaning to re-read.

Väckelse, by Stephen King (Revival)

Some newer King for a change.

The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury

Another book I bought with my brother (can you say we both love Bradbury?)

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