2 August 2016

Ten books I'd buy in an instant if I had a fully loaded gift card

Another Tuesday is upon us. Which means, it's time to arrange some random books in a list according to a pre-selected theme. I'm talking about Top Ten Tuesday - a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

A little announcement before we get started: the amazing girls of Book Bloggers International have published my essay - The Shining vs. The Shining, where I analyse the differences between one of my favourite books and its famous movie adaptation.

This week's list falls under the "wishful thinking" category, and it's a list of ten books I would buy this instant if I had a fully loaded gift card. As far as imaginary me is concerned, the amount of money is unlimited.  

This was a particularly difficult list for me to come up with, because if I had an unlimited amount of money, I wouldn't settle on just ten books. So I thought that if I had to narrow it down to ten books, they'd have to be pretty special (not to mention pretty expensive too). This is what I have settled on:

1. The Stories of Ray Bradbury

A gorgeous hardcover collection of short stories by the talented Mr. Bradbury published by Vintage. It's a Ray Bradbury fan's wet dream.

2. The Grand Design

Or pretty much anything written by Stephen Hawking.

3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The classic Philip K. Dick novel that has inspired one of the best sci fi movies (it's Blade Runner).

4. Civil War

Of all the superhero graphic novels, this one by Mark Millar is perhaps the one I'm interested in the most. I loved the movie so much, now I want to know if the source material is as good (or better).

5. Hur Tänker Din Katt?
(What Goes On In Your Cat's Mind?)

Going by the blurb, this is a book for everyone who wants to delve deeper into the psychology of our tiny house tigers. It's written by Swedish biologist, Bo Söderström.


6. The whole Newbury and Hobbes series

It's cheating, I know. But I love this series, and George Mann is the man responsible for my venture into the world of Steampunk. Someday, I hope to have all the colourful volumes of this series on my shelf.


7. Dick Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

A book I haven't yet read, written by an author I like: Douglas Adams.

8. You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
Felicia Day's memoir falls under the category "books I read that I don't own a copy of". I love it.
9. Jane Eyre

  Another book in the aforementioned category. Charlotte Brontё made me believe in Gothic romance . Good job, Miss. Brontё!  

10. Robots and Empire
And with that book on my shelf I would have the complete Robot series by Isaac Asimov. 

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