5 September 2016

Ten Shows On My Netflix Watch List

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday - a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is TV shows. I already wrote about the ten shows that I've binged on Netflix. Now, I want to list all those shows that I have on my watch-list, but that I haven't had the time to finish yet. 

1. Firefly
As a born-again Buffy, the Vampire Slayer- fan (I binged all seven seasons in less than two weeks), I think it'll be fun to check out the rest of the shows in the Joss Whedon Universe, aka Whedonverse.

2. Aquarius
A dark and violent period piece about a cop who's solving crimes connected to Charles Manson? Not really my cup of tea. But throw in some David Duchovny in the mix, and you just might catch my attention.

 3. Outlander
I'm halfway through the first season. The story is exciting as hell (it's got time travel, rebellion and kilts), but I simply cannot stand Claire. If trouble were a light bulb, this woman would be a freaking moth.  
4. Star Trek
The original Gene Roddenberry series, that is taking me way too long to finish. It's great, though. And the "rustic" 1960's sci fi decor and special effects feel like such a nice change from all the flashy CGI and 3D effects that we're being bombarded with from our movie screens every day.
5. Continuum
A sci fi series about a time-travelling cop doesn't sound very original. Not original at all. But does it sound interesting? Hell, yeah!
6. Freaks and Geeks
This show seems like one of those classics that you need to watch.
7. Rick and Morty
The first two episodes were hilarious, so I'm guessing the rest are just as good.
8. Black Mirror
The first season of this British sci fi anthology series pulled the rug from under my feet and made me uncomfortable on multiple levels. And I absolutely love it.
9. Prison Break
I missed this show back when it was running, and now with the upcoming revival, it would be fun to give this thriller a try.
10. Orange Is The New Black
I decided not to continue with season two (the real Piper got out of prison, so why did the fake have to stay?), a decision that is up for revision.   

Ps. Sorry for the lack of pretty pictures. My computer is giving me attitude again, and it's taking me forever to upload them.

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