28 October 2016

Mulled Wine and Scary Movies

First, an announcement: tomorrow, I will be going live on Twitter. I'll be watching the X-files episode, Home, from season 3, for the first time. And I'll be tweeting about it. What time? Around 11.00 PM, Standard European Time. 

Is there a better way to celebrate Halloween than with a cup of hot spicy beverage seasoned with nuts and raisins, and a horror movie binge? Yes, definitely. But this way is not so bad either. Plus, if there's anything I learned from Nightmare before Christmas is that you can combine two different holiday traditions and still have a good time. 

It's day 5 of Halloween Week 2016. It's also Friday, and I'm up for a quiet movie night. The real question here is what movie/movies I'm going to watch. I'm not a fan of slashers, found footage or torture porn. So what does that leave me? Here are a few horror movies that I really enjoy, and one that I haven't seen yet. 

Sci fi 

A classic claustrophobic flick. You can never go wrong with Alien (and Aliens)  

The Thing
Possibly my favourite sci fi horror movie ever. I've seen it a hundred times and it's still as creepy as the first time.  

Cabin in the Woods
Curious about this one, because it's a Joss Whedon movie. 

 The first third or so of the movie does have a horror feel to it. Being isolated in the jungle with an invisible monster that's snatching your buddies one by one. Pretty chilly. Also, the 1980's had the best action movies. 


Sleepy Hollow 
Tim Burton's take on the classic Washington Irving novella is nothing like it's source material, but it's a great Gothic horror film.  

An American Werewolf in London
Need I say more?

Nightmare on Elm Street
Cheesy 80's teen horror. Love it. 

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors 
Even cheesier 80's teen horror. Love it even more.   


The Shining (the TV movie)
No, not Kubrick's version. That movie is good in its own right, but as far as movie adaptations go, I'm going with one that got the book right (I apologise for my outburst of emotions).

A different take on the haunted house/object genre. And a very unique movie. Very unsettling. 

The Orphanage
A good European horror movie, that's different than anything I've seen before. 

Sixth Sense 
Scrubs ruined this movie for me (damn you, Bill Lawrence!), but I still enjoy it.


Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice... and now we wait. 

Dracula, Dead and Lovin' it 
Mel Brooks delivers a movie that's both a good parody of the vampire genre, and a good vampire movie. 

Young Frankenstein 
This is one of the better Frankenstein movies that's also a comedy. I wouldn't even call it a spoof. 

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