18 October 2016

Ten Survival Tips for Bloggers Who Study Full-Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

For this week's top ten list, I decided to take a road less travelled and focus on something else other than books and popular culture. So for all of you who study full-time and also have secret blogger identities, here come ten survival tips.  

*Author's note: this is a humorous article and is not to be taken too seriously. The author of this article is not responsible if this advice will prove unsuccessful. 

1. Get plenty of sleep.

Because you cannot study and manage a somewhat functioning online enterprise if you're running high on too much caffeine. Taping your eyelids to your forehead may work too, but it's not good for your skin.

2. Study first, blog later. 

Because the nagging little voice in your head will eat you alive if you're writing another trivial top ten list, and you still haven't started on this week's case study. 

3. Always have access to a computer.

Because you never know when the creative bug will come and bite you on the fanny. The best way is to bring your own computer to school. But using the school desktop works too. Just be ready for curious glances being thrown your way. 

4. Weekends are for the first drafts. 

Between the Saturday morning hangover and the Sunday night "what am I gonna wear tomorrow"- frenzy, is the time to write as much stuff as possible. And I'm talking about unformatted, unpolished and messy chunks of words that you can shape into something a little more comprehensive during the course of the week.

5. Say no to Netflix.

Unless you're watching it for educational purposes. Also say no to Youtube and try and cut down your surfing to a minimum. Unless you're watching Booktube videos and reading other bloggers for inspiration. 

6. Spell check.

This one is a no-brainer, but it's so easy to forget about checking your grammar when you only have ten minutes to finish your latest post. Then again you can always go back and check for potential grammar uglies once the post is published.  

7. Don't be too picky with your topics.

Because when you're on a tight schedule, you don't get to be snotty and care about nonsense like substance and quality. Write about anything. For instance: "Fun lectures vs. boring lectures", "The pros and cons of being a designated watcher at parties" and "10 interesting things I found in the school kitchen cupboard". Seriously, you can even write about the best ways to sort your ink pens. 

8. Write fast, edit slowly. 

Write before your ink dries. Or in this case, before your creative bug gets stepped on by the merciless boot of duty and self-discipline. But take your sweet time to edit and make your work look as presentable as possible. 

9. Don't lag behind on your social life.

Because if you ditch your new friends so that you can write this list, not only will you rob them of the boundless pleasure of your company, but you'll rob yourself of the social stimuli that is vital to staying out of a creative rut. 

10. Have fun. 

Remember that this project you have going on is a hobby and is supposed to be fun and emotionally rewarding. Whether your blog as a breather from the tediousness of  everyday life or a good means to earn a few extra bucks, you'll run dry pretty fast if you're not having fun with it. 

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