17 June 2017

Weekly Small Talk #8: Spring Book Haul

Welcome to Weekly Small Talk, an original feature where I talk about anything that's even remotely related to books and popular culture.

Ever since my Bokrean book haul, I didn't buy that many books, but enough to write a whole post about it.

A book haul wouldn't be a book haul without at least one book by Ray Bradbury. This time, I have three. Dandelion Wine is his a highly acclaimed collection of short stories set in Bradbury's fictionalised hometown, Green Town. Farewell Summer is the sequel.

The third book was a present from my brother. Zen in the Art of Writing is a collection of essays that is not exactly a manual to aspiring writers, but it's supposed to be filled with helpful and inspirational tips by the Grandmaster of fantasy himself.

2061: Odyssey Three is the third book in the Space Odyssey series by Arthur C Clarke. I only read the first two books and so far I'm okay with them, so I'm hoping that the third book will be better.

Leviathan Wakes is the first book in James A. Corey's Expanse series. I found out about this series thanks to Lisa from Bookshelf Fantasies, and the story sounds very interesting. Plus, I really want to see the Netflix show that's based on it.

American Gods is a dark fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman. I'm not familiar with Gaiman's work, so I'm looking forward to reading this book (and maybe watching the TV-show too).

Last by not least, we have another SF classic. Not just a classic, but a rare, limited edition, mint condition volume of The Werewolf Principle, by Clifford D. Simak. I read this book a couple of times, but never in Swedish. This is the Swedish translation, titled Förvandlaren (or, "the transformer"), and it's part of the long-expired Delta Science Fiction series. You can read more about Delta on this blog.

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