13 September 2017

Rainy TBR: Autumn Reading

Autumn is officially here. Wet, and grey, and wonderful. Autumn is the season of bad colds. It's the season of diving headfirst into a new school semester. And, most importantly, it's the season of books.

For me, autumn is the best reading season. It has the perfect weather conditions for staying inside, with a good book, and hot cup of coffee/tee/coco. The thing about this season, is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your book. You can fully immerse yourself into the dark, and read a good old Stephen King horror. Or you can dream yourself away to a warmer and sunnier place like, say, Ray Bradbury's Green Town, or Mars.

In my anticipation for this reading season, I've been outlining my autumn TBR, and this is what I have come up with. Some of these books have followed me from the summer TBR. There are some re-reads, too. Nothing  is, of course, written in stone. The TBR is more of a guideline, than a fixed to-do list.

Currently reading

1. Among Others 

by Jo Walton 

2. It

by Stephen King 

NetGalley requests 

3. Glenn Miller Declassified

by Dennis M. Spragg

4. Charmed: A Thousand Deaths

by Erica Schultz 

Nanowrimo 2017

5. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft 

by Stephen King 

6. Zen in the Art of Writing

by Ray Bradbury

For fun 

7. Frankenstein

by Mary Shelley

8. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

by Philip K. Dick

9. "Deny All Knowledge": Reading The X-Files

by David Lavery and Angela Hague (editors)

10. Leviathan Wakes

by James A. Corey 

11. Two Serpents Rise 

by Max Gladstone

In other news, I passed the re-exams (more relieved than happy), and now I'm doing something completely different, like studying dental anatomy, and making tooth models out of wax (it sounds more fun than it is). 

Nanowrimo is coming soon. I still haven't decided what project I'm going to tackle this year, Perhaps, I'm going to do something different altogether, and finish all my short stories. Or, maybe, I'll write a worldbuilding bible for a my new YA fantasy project.   

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