9 October 2017

The Horror on My Shelf

It's Halloween the whole month of October here on my blog. I'm kicking off this week with a list. I rummaged my shelves to find all the horror and horror-related titles I own, and then, I took pictures, Bookstagram style. Speaking of which you can follow me on Instagram on @dinaratengri. 

Now, to the books!

Urban horror (in Swedish)

Creepypasta: Spökhistorier från Internet: by Jack Werner is a collection of the most famous creepypastas with commentaries by the author. You can read my review to find out more. 

 Udda Verklighet is the debut novel by author Nene Ormes. I don't know anything about it other than it's set in my hometown, Malmö.  

Mad Scientists

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson? Not many people know that. It's a great book, and I don't think all those movies do it justice.  

Frankenstein by Marry Shelley is a book I read many years ago, and it's time for a revisit. 

Spooky Classics

Complete Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens is something one might enjoy on a cold October night. 

Skräckens Dal (Valley of Fear) by Arthur Conan-Doyle - I don't remember what it's about, but I'm sure it's great.  

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories by Washington Irving is one odd short story collection. You can read my review of the titular story on my Goodreads page.

Ray Bradbury

These are two of my favourite books from my favourite author ever. Halloween is not Halloween without good old Mr. Bradbury. 

Stephen King

The Shining - I love this book so much I lost count of how many times I read it.

Väckelse (Revival) - haven't read this one yet. It's on my TBR, I promise!

The Shining - the Swedish version.

 I guess that was all of them.  

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