20 December 2017

Name Change and Other News

Hello everybody! 

Today was the last day of school (phew!). I prepped my last plastic tooth, and I returned all the instruments I've been working with this past semester. I've gotten quite acquainted with such lovely tools as the excavator, the bur, and the periodontal probe (they're not as scary as they sound). And now I rest... For like two days, because then I have to start studying for the finals that are in three weeks. 

Before I go back to the school library, and hit those textbooks hard, I want to share some news and updates. This blog has been in this weird half-life for months now, partially due to the increasingly demanding schedule, but mostly due to my extra-curricular commitments. For the past year, I have been the chairman (woman? person?) of our faculty's cultural committee and, though a lot of fun, this job has been taking a large chunk of my personal time. 

I decided not to run for a second term (I sound like a damn politician), so that I can have the time to focus more on this blog, and on writing in general. 

In the nearest future, I will be writing my review for Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and I will be posting more X-Files related content just in time for the season eleven premiere (which is in January 3rd, save the date!). 

My new series, Before They Were Blockbusters, is continuing, and this time I will re-read and review Who Goes There? by John Campbell, which was the basis for John Carpenter's The Thing. Btw, I know that movie wasn't exactly a blockbuster when it first came out, but it's a cult classic now, and it's one of my favourite movies. 

In other news, our holiday giveaway of Silent Fear by James and Lance Morcan is still active, so make sure to sign up by going to the "Featured Post" to your right. I haven't read the book myself yet, and I'm very excited to read it. It's a crime thriller, and it seems to be a good book to read on a cold dark December night. 

If you have been missing some of my good old-fashioned book reviews, I have an Instagram account, where I will be posting shorter, simpler reviews, along with some artsy companion pictures. In the future, I want to post most of my book and movie reviews on Instagram, because it's a very simple and straightforward method, but also because I want to mix up the content of this blog with more essays and discussion posts. 

The biggest news is that I will be changing the name of my blog. The domain will remain the same (for the time being), but the clunky and way-to-long-to-remember title card will be gone. So, it's just going to be "Dinara Tengri" from now on.

That's it for now. Happy Holidays! 

And because it's Christmas, here are some holiday related pictures from my Instagram! 

Keeping it simple
Outside of the school's scrubs supply closet

This one was taken for the school paper

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